Anti Bots Plugin

Block Bots in WordPress Sites


Anti Bots Plugin is a Wordpress plugin to improve security and stop Bad Bots from stealing you.

To install this plugin, you need WordPress 4.0 or newer. 

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After that, you can go ahead...

Fresh Plugin Install

WordPress Plugins are composed of scripts that extend the functionality of WordPress.

The installation of this plugin is similar to all the other WordPress plugins.

You can find more plugin's info in this link.


Installing the “Anti Bots Plugin” can be done:


Installing the “Anti Bots Plugin” can be done:

a) Through Wordpress Dashboard

    By searching for “Anti Bots” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard;

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Log into your WordPress Admin area
  3. and Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard.


b) By FTP

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.

Then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.

Plugin Setup

Go to Dashboard => Anti Bots  => Settings


 Please, read the StartUp guide carefully.

Open the General Settings Tab and click over Test Mode.



Keep your site in Test Mode a couple of days.
If you mark Yes, the plugin begins to block the bots right away. Please, read the StartUp guide ( Dashboard => Anti Bots => Settings) before click Yes.

When the plugin is running in test mode, you can see Response 403 (blocked) in Visitors Table but the bots are not really blocked. It is only a simulation to help you to create your particular whitelist.


Keep Visitor Record Max

Choose how many weeks you want to keep the records in your database. If you have space, mark 8 weeks.


You can go to WhiteList tab and create 2 whitelists: String and IP.

Just add one string to unblock all User-Agent that contain that string.
For IP whitelist, just add the IP to unblock it. You can add IPs from the page Visitors Log.
Add only one for each line.

For details, look that page and you will find some suggestions included in both tables.


At Email and Notifications tab, you can customize your contact email or left blank to use your WordPress eMail.


You can record your option by receive or not email alerts about bots attempts.

This option is very useful to find details about some bot blocked at this moment, as name and IP for example, and help you to build your whitelist.

Remember to click Save Changes before leaving each tab.

After Install

Open the Visitors Table (under Anti Bots Menu) and take a look at the Visitors List. You can see bots blocked (Response Code = 403 - Forbidden -).


Click over the table title to Order. You can also type 403 (or other, as, for example, 404 - not found -) in the Search Bar. Response Code 404 (not found) they are not caused by our plugin. The plugin just records that happens to alert you.

When you find at Human column the word "Bot" and at column Response  Code "200", the bot was unable to download the content of your page. They can download only information about fonts and colors but no the real content and images. When you see Response "403", the bot got a Forbidden Page info.

You can whitelist any IP. Just click  the whitelist button.

At the column Access, you can see if the visitors got access to your page or was denied.

When the plugin is running in test mode, you can see Response 403 (blocked) in the table but the bots are not really blocked. It is only a simulation to help you to create your particular whitelist.  To manage your Whitelist, go to:

Dashboard => Anti Bots => Settings and look for Whitelist tab.



You will find a lot of useful information on the Plugin Dashboard.

For example:

  • Number of Bots Blocked
  • Bots Blockeds by day and Hour
  • Top IPs
  • Rate between Bots and Humans
  • Links to support and troubleshooting page
  • and more...


Analytics Spam Referral

Ghost referrals (also known as log spam, referrer bombing, Ghost Spam or Phantom Visits) pollute your google analytics report with false visits. They are hitting Analytics directly and don’t touch your website.

Any plugin or even if using .htaccess file can't help you.

To avoid this in your Google Analytics account, you can create a Hostname Filter on each view to make sure that only traffic coming from valid website properties are included. Check Google support site for more details.


Use old WP version, Low memory or some plugin with Javascript error are some possible problems.

Visit our troubleshooting page.

Just click here

Test For Conflict

A “conflict” is something that occurs when two plugins or a plugin and a theme are incompatible with one another. Testing for conflict is important because they maybe can often be fixed, but only if the true nature of the conflict is known.

Just click here to visit our Test for Conflict Page.

Support Page

Should you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please you can submit a support ticket. (guest ticket available)

When creating a support ticket, try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred.

don't forget to provide the link to your site, wp-admin and FTP credentials. 
Our support guys will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Anti Bots support center works Monday through Friday. (London timezone)

Remember always to look at your SPAM folder after filling out the ticket.

 Thanks a lot for using this plugin. I hope you found this document helpful. Please support this product by giving your ratings and testimonial.

With best wishes

Bill Minozzi
Anti Bots Plugin, Developer